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The story about Miklah is an ever developing one! Since 2014, Miklah (formely, ‘The Complete You Ministry’) has been on the forefront of the inspiration and practical empowerment of young people (youth and adolescents) for socioeconomic transformation. Started as an inspirational blog in 2014, Miklah has evolved into a focused tech-driven Christian-based entity addressing young people’s challenges of poverty, education, health, leadership and entrepreneurship through our disruptive and technological initiatives and trainings.

In 2018, Miklah became even more focused and introduced business and service delivery models, hence the sustainable initiatives of Miklah; SWAPafrica, Lhealth App, Sacred Entrepreneurship, Yapheh Salons, Dabar, etc. Our initiatives have been recognized and awarded various awards, including the Total Startupper of the year (Total), Tony Elumelu Foundation (Nigeria), UNCAP (Germany), NTF (UK and Uganda), and more!

But How Exactly Does Miklah Work? Our Only TWO STRATEGIES!

Do you understand or KNOW how Miklah Life works? Well, it is very very easy!

Basically, our greater mission is to foster achievement of DEMOGRAPHIC DIVIDEND. This means, empowering young people to lead socio-economic transformation for Uganda, and thus national development. To achieve this, we embark on 4 pillars: 1. Education; 2. Health; 3. Entrepreneurship; 4. Governance.

Miklah Courses

How do we do it exactly? Two Miklah Strategies!

#MiklahLife Employs only two strategies:

1. We DESIGN and DEPLOY sustainable and technology-backed solutions or initiatives to solve specific challenges within the four pillars as highlighted above. By this strategy, we have initiatives like #LhealthApp for sexuality education, #SWAPafrica for access to resources, #SacredEntrepreneurship for entrepreneurship and business, #YaphehSalons, your uber of salons, #Dabar for your social life, and much more.

However, we know that we can never design and deploy enough solutions for all young people’s challenges. Besides, some of our solutions may not be great and fail to deliver! Hence the 2nd strategy!

2. We TRAIN and EMPOWER young people to think through their problems and design appropriate sustainable solutions for such problems. This is the soul reason we have training and empowerment at MIKLAH; to enable you to do that which we couldn’t do or do it better! Our trainings come under #MiklahAcademy initiative. And, to surprise you, our trainings still lie within or close to the 4 pillars of education, entrepreneurship, health, and governance.

So how do you exactly benefit from us, from Miklah Strategies?

1. Choose any of our exciting initiative and use it? In that way, you will have gained via our solutions. See all our initiatives here, https://nemvicx.com/miklah-initiatives.

2. Choose one of the courses that offer and get trained to be that person you wanna be. You will have gained through training and empowerment. See more here, https://nemvicx.com/sacred-entrepreneurship.

3. You can do both; get trained and also use all our initiatives.

Whatever you wanna be or do, #MiklahLife is your home. We have it all covered. Under one roof, under one God. Lol. For more, visit Miklah Life website, www.nemvicx.com. Thank you. Any questions? Call/WhatsApp 0779342057/0755810621 or send email to thecompletey@gmail.com.