SWAPafrica, one of the 5 solutions at Miklah wins the “Total Startupper Challenge of the year!” Thank God.


SWAPafrica, one of the 5 solutions at Miklah wins the “Total Startupper Challenge of the year!” Thank God.

After long days of coaching and learning, then pitching the concept to the jury on 15th Feb. this year, the Jury, i mean those wise-great-openminded people, they decided to crown SWAPafrica the honor of being among the top 3 overall winners of the challenge and, yeah, we are grateful to God for seeing this through. When i created SWAPafrica, i envisioned a world where all of us access the resources we need (items, skills, and services) without being limited by the lack of money. SWAPafrica enables you to meet your needs (both in your business and daily life) through swapping, sharing and lending out resources among others without using money. It is enhanced online barter trade. I have ever commented and said that the only REASON an individual or business on earth cannot join SWAPafrica is if he or she hasn’t heard about us. So what if the above belief is actually true?

I thank God that this idea has been considered a great disruptive way forward for young people in Uganda and across the globe. All is ask you now is to join us now. Yes, don’t hesitate, don’t question anything, don’t disbelieve us; just sign up here. Let us discuss the rest thereafter you have joined. This is revolutionary and unusual but take a great step of faith just like Total Uganda has done and believe in us.

At the ceremony, i attended together with my wife, Winnie who has never stopped believing in me even in my worst and failing moments. Winnie, thank you for being a great wife and supporter of all my dreams. I pray i always be that supportive man to you too. About this story, more is coming. This is just a glimpse since i don’t see anyone around saying it!

NB: Remember SWAPafrica is great and yet a drop in an ocean of solutions we have designed for young people. SWAPafrica is one of the five solutions championed by our organization, Miklah. After education, mentoring, transforming and enabling young peoples to take on their challenges and the most compressing issues of our society, SWAPafrica comes in to provide for the resources they need to move the journey. Listen, we have amazing things for you. For more, see our mother site (Miklah). However, for now, just sign up at www.swapafrica.net. For any questions and help, SWAPafrica is blessed with all the resources and articles you need to know what to do, including this; how does it work, who we are, what do we do exactly, and why really should you join us.

SIGN UP NOW and experience a world of abundance and true community as you sustain environment and humanity. SWAPafrica “Buy Without Money”

God bless you

Again, we are happy, excited and grateful to God and people; SWAPafrica has won the Total 2nd edition of startupper of the year challenge. Thank you God.


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