Uncap (Germany) is now an official partner of SWAPafrica! Oh God!


Uncap (Germany) is now an official partner of SWAPafrica! Oh God!

In this year, SWAPafrica has been blessed with an official partnership with the Germany’s UNCAP, the amazing funders of most of young people’s startups in Sub-Saharan Africa. Actually, we have been with these guys for some good time when they were called Jump-Start 21. In our earlier updates, we had talked about our successful selections for funding in their funding phases, 1 and 2. However, what we were not aware of was their commitment to joining the struggle, completely sharing the journey and hustles of SWAPafrica as a startup.

During the announcement and practical transfer of the funds for SWAPafrica, these guys officially partnered with us and they are here until the ends of times, i mean until we have grown so much that they aren’t scared about our falling back! Isn’t that amazing? So, today, I am pleased to announce to the world, SWAPafrica team and all users of SWAPafrica platform that Uncap and SWAPafrica are now official business partners! Congratulations to SWAPafrica team and all the members of the platform!

By the way, have you signed up for SWAPafrica’s promotional free account? Well, you better do now here! In our latest response to COVID19 Pandemic, we have made it easy and free to open you SWAPafrica account and begin swapping, sharing, lending and borrowing resources of goods, skills and services without using money. Additionally, we are rewarding the first 1000 people who shall do a SWAP transaction using the platform. Check the details of the promotion here and register your free account here.

But wait! What is SWAPafrica? It is a web and mobile based platform that enables users to learn any skills, access any goods and services through swapping, sharing, lending and borrowing these resources among themselves without using money. It is an online barter trade in skills, goods and services. We are giving you full access to resources (skills, goods and services) without being limited by ‘lack of money’. Read more about us here

SWAPafrica is making it possible for anyone anywhere to access resources of skills, goods and services without being limited by lack of money. We have been awarded and recognized by various international and local entrepreneurship players, including Total International, Tony Elumelu Foundation, Netherland Trust Fund (Uganda and UK), Garage-48 and UNCAP (Germany). This newest partnership with one of the best shall ultimately push SWAPafrica to better and higher heights. Yeah, let us celebrate; God is good to us all the time.

SWAPafrica, buy without money. Register your account here now and start exploring a world of abundance.

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